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RS Hydro are a total solutions provider for the water & wastewater, environmental, food & beverage, mining & aggregates, petrochemical, power generation and research industries for the UK and worldwide. We are specialists in flow meters, water quality monitoring instruments, water sampling equipment, groundwater monitoring, water level loggers, weather stations and wireless telemetry systems.

RS Hydro Introduce Laserflow from Teledyne Isco

A revolutionary open channel flow measurement system

Flow Meter, Level & Water Quality Measurement Specialists

RS Hydro provide a total solution service for flow, level, water quality, meteorology, groundwater and telemetry applications. By being distributors for the world's leading manufacturers and providing services for the lifetime of your monitoring system, we calife-time services

Flow Meters

RS Hydro provide a comprehensive range of flow meters including inline and clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, magflo meters, coriolis flow meters, open channel flow meters and turbine flow meters. As a company we specialise in Panametrics ultrasonic flow meters and probably have the widest experience base of any company in the UK. We are reknowned for tackling difficult applications ranging from low pressure clamp on gas flow measurement applications to difficult liquids. In fact we have the experience and technology to measure any flow measurement application ranging from small bore pipes to 8m diameter hydro-scheme flow measurement systems and large river applications.

Clamp On Flow Meters

RS Hydro are one of the world's leading suppliers, flowmeter hireand support service companiesconsultants for portable non invasive clamp on ultrasonic flow meters for any application. RS Hydro are distributors for the GE Panametrics AT868, XMT868i, DF868, PT878 and PT878GC ultrasonic flow meters. Many of our clamp on flowmeters are suitable for hazardous areas / environments (zone 1 and zone 2). Our clamp-on transit time meters are also available with time-of-flight and doppler technology for clean, dirty or aerated liquids. To back our experience we also stock a wide range of ultrasonic flow meters, non contact flow meters, Siemens Magflo meters and area velocity flowmeters, enabling us to ship on a next day basis. We also have the largest flowmeter hire fleet in the UK based on Panametrics PT878 clamp on ultrasonic flow meters which are portable non intrusive flowmeters based on the clamp on time-of-flight (transit time) or doppler technologies. These portable flowmeters clamp on to existing pipework and can measure in-situ flowrates from outside the pipework with optimum accuracy (+/-0.5%). Visit our ultrasonic flowmeter section.

Open Channel Flow Meters - Area Velocity Flow Meters

RS Hydro provide a multitude of solutions for open channels, river and stream monitoring applications. Portable area velocity flow meters and permanent open channel flow meters are regularly supplied and installed for industrial and environmental applications. MCERTS is a prime example where RS Hydro has installed the latest area velocity flow meters and open channel flow meter technology to achieve the utmost accuracy. RS Hydro are also a Teledyne ISCO distributor who manufacture the non-contact LaserFlow open channel flow meter: the only non contact flow meter in the world that can establish a flow profile.

Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

As leading water quality monitoring experts, RS Hydro offer a comprehensive range of water quality monitoring equipment including single parameter sensors, multiparameter sondes, water quality meters, online analysers and a range of water sampling equipment. We can measure most parameters including water level, turbidity, TSS (Total Suspended Solids), dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, ORP / Redox, temperature, nitrate, chloride, tryptophan, ammonium, CDOM, chlorophyll, chlorine and many more.... Our range of multiparameter water quality meters and level sensors from Eureka, Thermo Scientific, Eutech, Solinst and INW allow us to provide a comprehensive monitoring package for all groundwater, river and surface water applications including hire/rental, purchase and calibration. Our range of Teledyne ISCO water sampling equipment including MCERTS certified portable and permanent, composite or discrete automatic water samplers and wastewater samplers can be triggered remotely using our real-time wireless telemetry systems.

Water Quality Meters

RS Hydro provide a large range of Eutech and Thermo water quality meters for measuring most water quality parameters including dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP REDOX, electrical conductivity, temperature, Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE), chlorine, turbidity, ammonia, nitrate, chloride and many others. Many of our water quality meters are completely water proof, rugged and ideal for low-flow sampling.

Online Water Quality Analysers

Using a range of digital and analog water quality sensors and the Thermo AquaPro/AV38 water quality analyser platforms, we can provide permanent water quality monitoring systems for both pressurised and non-pressurised applications. Our water quality analysers provide mulitple digital and analog outputs along with relay control. All of our water quality monitoring systems can be connected to wireless or network telemetry systems.

Automatic Water Samplers

RS Hydro are UK distributors for the Teledyne ISCO range of MCERTS-certified permanent, refrigerated and portable automatic water samplers. These include the industry leading ISCO 3700, 6712, Avalanche, Glacier, 4700 and 6712FR auto-samplers. RS Hydro have a unique wireless telemetry system which allows clients to trigger auto-samplers in real-time at any location whether there is power or not, signal or no signal. In fact our telemetry systems are so small, there is often no requirement for installing any kiosks and therefore not requiring any planning permission or construction work...


Groundwater Monitoring & Water Sampling Equipment

RS Hydro are the Solinst UK / Ireland distributor for Leveloggers, water level meters, dip metes, oil/water interface meters, groundwater sampling equipment including inertial pumps/foot-valves, bladder pumps, bailers, piezometers, multi-level monitoring systems and other groundwater remediation equipment and solutions. Our range of Solinst Leveloggers are world-leading and can come with a 10-year battery life (1-minute log interval!) and up to a 3-year warranty. Our range of groundwater monitoring equipment is ideal for applications in boreholles, wells, groundwater, waste water and geotechnical investigations. Our submersible water level loggers and dipmeters can be used to measure water depth, water level, conductivity and temperature. We also provide low-flow sampling systems using our own water quality meters, sampling pumps and pump control systems.


Wireless Telemetry Systems

RS Hydro offer a completely unique solution to wireless telemetry systems, offering ultra low-powered UHF radio, GSM-GPRS and GPRS--to-Radio based telemetry without the need for significant external power. Our telemetry systems can last up to 5 years without a change of batteries and can take up to 60 analog or digital inputs/outputs. Our wireless telemetry systems can provide live data from anywhere in the world, even if they're in the middle of a jungle and can be displayed on a secure weblink for you to view and download. We have automatic data collection systems that can provide real time data, instantaneous warnings to your email address or mobile phone, reduced site visit costs and the ability to trigger samplers during key events. Furthermore, RS Hydro have the in-house capability to provide be-spoke data portal configuration services so that our telemetry systems integrate with your own network without any issues.

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