Water Quality Testing & Monitoring Equipment

RS Hydro supply, hire, calibrate and maintain a wide range of water quality monitoring equipment. Whether you need to measure one parameter or many, we can provide the perfect solution for your application.

Handheld Meters

Handheld water quality meters

RS Hydro provide a wide range of portable water quality meters for water quality testing. All water quality meters have the highest levels of accuracy and reliability and provide effective measurement for water quality testing in the field.

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Multiparameter Sondes

Multiparameter water quality sondes

RS Hydro provide a range of multi-parameter sensors and sondes that can be used in various unattended applications. The multi-parameter sensors provide the convenience of combining multiple parameters with datalogging into one small unit that can also be connected to telemetry.

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RS Hydro have a wide range of CTDs for the measurement of conductivity, temperature and depth. All of our CTDs benefit from built-in dataloggers and have a choice of deployment options.

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Automatic Water Samplers

Automatic Water Samplers

RS Hydro supply a wide range of water samplers including portable, refrigerated, portable refrigerated, specialty samplers and MCERTS samplers. We also supply Plug and play modules to extend a sampler's functionality.

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Single Parameter Sensors

RS Hydro offer a comprehensive range of analog and digital sensors that do not require mains powered transmitters. Instead these low powered water quality sensors can be connected direct to PLC, SCADA or wireless telemetry systems.

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Online / Process Monitors

If you require water quality monitoring systems for a long-term installation, RS Hydro have a wide range of configurable online water quality monitoring instruments to provide a solution for almost any application.

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We provide a variety of colorimeters which allow a cheap and effective way of measuring a wide range of water quality parameters instantaneously in the field including many parameters that can only ordinarily be measured by expensive analysers or laboratory tests

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About Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring is defined by the ISO as "The programmed process of sampling, measurement and subsequent recording or signalling, or both, of various water characteristics, often with the aim of assessing conformity to specified objectives". These processes will usually fall into one or more of the following four categories:

  • Identifying changes or trends in water quality over a period of time.
  • Identifying specific water quality problems.
  • Collecting data to aid with the design of pollution prevention systems.
  • Determining whether water quality is in compliance with regulations and controls.
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