Alpha COND 2000 Conductivity ControllerTransmitter
Large Measuring Range
Capable of measuring seven ranges
Adjustable Temperature Coefficients
Provides the user with more accuracy
This product comes complete with a one year warranty
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The Eutech Alpha COND 2000 is the perfect piece of equipment to measure from ultra-pure water to highly conductive samples with ease. This conductivity controller features programmable temperature coefficients to give precise temperature compensation. Seven ranges can be measured from 0 to 2µS/cm to 0 to 1000 mS/cm all readings of up to three-decimal resolution are delivered at ±1% accuracy. One of the advantages to the Alpha COND 2000 is the adjustable temperature coefficients that give more precise temperature compensation as the user has the choice to select between programmable linear temperature compensation from 0.0% to 10.0%. And pure water temperature compensation to correct non-linearity of ultrapure water temperature correction curves. This controller accepts 4-cell and 2-cell electrodes: 4-cell electrode prevents the occurrence of electrode fouling in high conductivity samples and polarizing.

Other features which make the Alpha COND 2000 the ideal choice are the acceptance of 2 or 3 wire, pt100 or pt1000 RTD sensors for automatic temperature compensation and user adjustable cell constant values (k = 0.005 to k = 9.999). The meter handily displays electrode status after each calibration.

This product comes complete with a 1 year warranty.

Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Alpha COND 2000 Conductivity Controller/Transmitter

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  • Installation
  • Calibration
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  • Industrial
  • Use in applications involving agriculture, chemical processing, boiler and water heaters, water-fab, microprocessor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper industries and bleach industries
  • General
  • Use for virtually any batch or online applications where rapid, accurate control is required. Great for OEM/system integrator
  • Water Purification/Treatment
  • Use to treat batches of incoming process water, ultrapure water, boiler and feed water control
  • Regulatory
  • Hook to recorder to document data for regulatory compliance
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