Alpha pH 2000D pHORP ControllerTransmitter
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Cost-saving pH measurement system for demanding environments
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RS Hydro are proud to be UK distributors of the improved Eutech Alpha pH 2000D Controller/Transmitter and combination electrode system which uses a unique system that ensures more resistance to contamination or fouling in harsh wastewater applications. The improved system uses a pH glass bulb in place of the conventional reference system this enables a wide pH range of -2.00 to 16.00 pH at two decimal accuracy. Replaceable salt bridge and reference solution add lifespan to the electrode when junctions clog.

This instrumentation can be used to control and measure pH and ORP simultaneously with master-slave operation by placing two controllers side by side and when used in ORP mode is capable of measuring in mV or % concentration, which feature independent calibration modes.

The pH Differential Electrode:

  • Any buffer standard from 2 to 10 pH can be used which is very useful for applications that require adjustable isopotential points
  • A built in temperature electrode called Automatic Temperature Compensation is a standard feature on this item
  • Built-In Electronic Amplifier provides a low impedance output from the electrode, and allows analyzers to be located up to 3000 feet away from the electrode
  • Ground Rod Minimizes Electrical Interference from pumps, transformers, motors and ground currents

The Eutech Aplha pH 2000D Controller/Transmitter and combination electrode system is able to be wall mouted, pipe mounted or panel mounted depending on the application. The compact design of the electrode and the universal 1.5" NPT mounting threads enable optimal mounting positions.

This is the perfect piece of equipment if you require a reliable, long lasting and cost-saving pH measurement system for demanding environments.

Manufactured by: Eutech Instruments
Model: Alpha pH 2000D pH/ORP Controller/Transmitter

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  • General
  • Useful for any batch or on-line type application that requires accurate pH or ORP control
  • Industrial
  • Ideal for chemical processing, aquarium, pharmaceutical, food processing, waste control industries and hydroponics
  • Water Purification/Treatment
  • Use for batch and on-line control of incoming process water, rinse water treatment, waste water treatment and recirculating system
  • Regulatory
  • Hook to recorder to document data for regulatory compliance
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