Alpha pH 800 pHORP ControllersTransmitters
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This product is covered by a 1 year warranty
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RS Hydro are proud UK distributors of the Alpha pH 800 controller/transmitter, delivering consistent performance and user friendly features this meter is the ultimate in sophistication. 2 in 1 controllers/transmitters can be configured to measure either pH or ORP (mV or %), while the seven preset buffer values provide quick and accurate auto calibration with the choice of NIST or USA selection. After each successful calibration electrode slope and offset are displayed on the large screen. The electric offset function allows direct reading corrections without needing to remove the electrode from the control system.

The Alpha pH 800 controller/transmitter provides the user with the option to use auto or manual temperature compensation and a the three wire system compensates for cable length resistance errors to ensure the best possible results.

An added feature to the Alpha pH 800 is the antimony mode which is specifically for use with antimony electrodes in applications that involve corrosive hydrofluric acid. Other user friendly options to enhance the users experience are the alarm delay and set-point hystereses in limit control mode to prevent chattering, false alarms and down time.

This device comes with a 1 year warranty.

Manufactured by: Eutech Instruments
Model: Alpha pH 800 pH/ORP Controllers/Transmitters

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  • General
  • Useful for any batch or on-line application that requires accurate pH or ORP control.
  • Water Purification/Treatment
  • Use for batch and on line control of incoming process water, rinse water treatmen, recirculating systemand waste water treatment
  • Industrial
  • Ideal for chemical processing, food processing, aquarium, pharmaceutical, hydroponics and waste control industries
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