Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter
Dual source to comply with EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027
Nephelometric and Ratiometric measurements with autoranging
Readings in the range of 0 to 1000 NTU
Choice of units: NT, FTU, FNU, ASBC or EBC
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The AQ4500 turbidimeter operates on the nephelometric and ratiometric principles and is the most advanced portable microprocessor based turbidity meter available today. It allows turbidity measurement based on EPA180.1 and ISO 7027, as well as an IR ratio mode that will give results in accordance with EPA GLI method 2. The Aq4500 can take measurements using NTU, FTU, FNU , ASBC , or EBC units and can log 100 data points that can then be downloaded to a computer or printer.

The AQ4500 turbidimeter is supplied with a turbidity standards kit, a rugged carrying case and replacement 24mm cuvettes. It is IP67 waterproof and has a typical battery life of over 100 hours on one set of batteries.

Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter

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