Datastick ORP REDOX Sensor
ORP Measurement Range
ORP measurement range from -2100 mV to 2100 mV
ORP Sensor Head
ORP sensor head is precalibrated for ORP and temperature. Plug into any Datastick to yield accurate 24-bit data.
Universal DataStick
Provides conversion of sensor signals and interactive communication for measurement calibration configuration and diagnostics
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Provides differential ORP/REDOX measurement with no field calibration required. The ORP/REDOX sensor can be connected directly to a PLC(Programmable Logic Controller), and any computer can be used to display data and to customize and calibrate the sensor. The ORP/REDOX probe is offered in a variety of materials and has replaceable quad junction salt bridges. Pre-calibrated sensor heads can be replaced or exchanged with any other type of sensor without any system downtime, saving time and money.

The REDOX/ORP sensor/electrode is constructed to be exceptionally chemically resistant and mechanically strong, and has non-flowing and anti-fouling characteristics. The sensor also has a built-in pre-amplifier and universal engineering units conversion. The electrode also has universal signal conditioning electronics and interactive communications with a host computer or display interface via a range of connectivity options, including Modbus? RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus, USB, CANopen or Ethernet.

A titanium ground electrode is included to eliminate ground loop currents in the measuring electrode and an integral temperature sensor measures temperature independently.

Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Datastick ORP REDOX Sensor

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  • Wastewater treatment
  • Metal finishing (chrome/cyanide destruct)
  • Bleaching pulp
  • Disinfection control
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