Disposable Bailers/Discrete Sampling


Water level / interface meters

RS Hydro offer the Biobailer for next day delivery in a range of sizes, Biobailers are standard bailers used for groundwater bore sampling. IN STOCK

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ETP Disposable Bailers

Multi level systems

RS Hydro are stockists of the eco friendly hydrodynamic designed disposable bailer, known as the "Bigmouth" due to the wider spout opening. Available for next day delivery in many cases.

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Point Source Bailer


RS Hydro offer the Solinst stainless steel Point Source Bailer, ideal for for obtaining high quality, represnetative samples of groundwater from specific depths. IN STOCK

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Water level data loggers

Discrete Interval Sampler

Discrete interval sampling equipment can be used for profiling open boreholes or screened wells, RS Hydro offer this product for next day delivery in most cases. 

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Water level data loggers


We offer all the accessories you will need to use with our range of bailers and discrete sampling equipment. 

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