NEP160 Portable Turbidity Meter and probe
Three Compatible Probes Available
NEP260 up to 3,000 NTU, NEP280 up to 30,000 NTU and the high temperature rated NEP 285 to 30,000 NTU
Hot Swappable Probes
NEP160 compatible probes have their calibration data stored in the probe so there is no need to calibrate when you plug a different probe into the display unit
Easy Calibration
Probes are precalibrated but can be calibrated at any time by the user using the simple menu
The cart is updated.

The ANALITE NEP160 handheld portable turbidity meter is an easy to use turbidity meter; it allows for fast multiple turbidity readings simply by inserting the probe into the stream or media to get an immediate accurate reading of the turbidity level at that point and time. The user-friendly menu allows the user to set up measurement parameters which are displayed on the in-built 2 line alphanumeric display.

There are currently three turbidity probes available which suit the ANALITE NEP160 display unit; NEP260 (ISO7027 to 3,000NTU), NEP280 (retro-scatter to 30,000NTU) and the high temperature rated NEP285 (retro-scatter to 30,000NTU). All turbidity probes have a depth rating of 100 metres, a display unit which is IP65 rated and displays measurements directly at any time or can be downloaded through the RS232 output at user selectable periodic intervals.

There is no need to calibrate every time a different tubidity probe is connected due to the ANALITE NEP160 turbidity meter being hot swappable and contain their calibration data in the probe. Proper 2 and 3 point calibrations can be carried out by the user by using the simple menu driven interface however, all probes are precalibrated.

The ANALITE NEP160 portable turbidity meter will power up automatically to its last settings whenever external power is applied making it ideal for logging applications when using the analogue output or RS232 port.

The NEP160 turbidity meter comes complete with a carry case capable of holding a cable up to 10 meters, ac adapter, display unit, RS232 cabling and the user manual.

Manufactured by: McVan
Model: NEP160 Portable Turbidity Meter

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  • Real time turbidity measurement
  • Spot Readings
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