Product Feature - CyberScan DO 300

A simple device with brilliant accuracy

Product Feature

The CyberScan DO 300 is a simple device that you will always want to use to read dissolved oxygen within a measurement range of 0 to 19.9 mg/l or ppm, it is filled with user friendly features to ensure you as the user get the optimum experience. Housed in a IP67 rated body ensures that this meter is fully waterproof and dustproof and suitable to be used in the field.

Applications the CyberScan DO 300 is suitable for are:

  • Aquaculture (shrimp and catfish farming)
  • Ponds and aquariums
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Water quality testing
  • Geological and ecological testing
  • Monitoring surface and ground drinking water (in compliance with EPA regulations)
  • School and laboratories

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