River Catchment Pollution & Monitoring - A Series of 3 Webinars:

Proteus Instruments will be hosting a webinar series covering all aspects of river catchment pollution monitoring.

The series has three webinars, each covering a different aspect of pollution monitoring. The topics are as follows:

Monitoring river pollution in real-time under the new Environment Act 2021
7th April - 13:00 BST

Monitoring bathing water quality in real-time
6th May - 13:00 BST

Real-time BOD/COD/TOC monitoring & control of influent & effluent at WWTW's
9th June - 13:00 BST

The past few months have been interesting for those involved in UK water infrastructure and environmental protection. November 2021 saw the ratification of the Environment Act into UK law, a bill that was first introduced into the House of Commons two years prior. At just over 300 pages long, the act was comprehensive, designed to cover a wide range of legislation concerning storm overflows, biodiversity gains, nature recovery strategies, waste management and air pollution.

In particular, water quality was a large focus of the 2021 Environment Act which resulted in some legislation that has the capacity to make a much-needed positive impact on water quality in England. One of the main considerations was the greatly increased emphasis on reliable, real-time monitoring for water quality parameters, especially for areas at higher risk of pollution episodes including upstream and downstream of 18000 CSOs in England & Wales. If you add WWTW final effluent monitoring points that's another 20,000 monitoring points and 56,000 in total!

In a first for the UK, Proteus Instruments and its partners will be presenting a series of webinars exploring the current situation and how Proteus aims to provide the 'silver bullet' to monitoring and protecting the rivers & bathing waters from sewage and agricultural pollution.

The first webinar will highlight the UK backdrop and how innovation can provide accurate, automated real-time data for parameters such as BOD, COD, TOC and E. coli (amongst others). This webinar comes with a warning: Proteus is a very disruptive technology and it will transform your perception of how the UK can monitor it's degraded rivers for pollution and hence rely less on manual and ineffective water sampling.

WEBINAR 1 - CSO's & WWTW'S Overview:

The webinar will demonstrate and discuss the vital role of sensors like Proteus in protecting our rivers and bathing waters.

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