Webinar - Wastewater Monitoring & Control - Real-Time BOD/COD/TOC monitoring & control of influent and effluent at WWTW's

The third webinar in our River Catchment Pollution and Monitoring series took place on 30th June. If you missed it you can watch it here.

UK Wastewater Treatment:
The UK has 20 water utilities which invest £5.85 billion per annum in assets and £5.7 billion in services.

UK Wastewater at a glance:
>393,463 km of sewers which collect >11 billion litres of wastewater
7,078 WWTW in England & Wales
98% of households connected to sewerage network.
UK wastewater is treated through primary (settling) and secondary (OM breakdown) treatment; tertiary treatment is also used to protect sensitive water environments and can include nutrient removal.

Treated wastewater is subject to permit clearance before discharge into streams & rivers.
~9000 WWTWs

Webinar from the Award Winning Proteus' Team starring:

Rob Stevens
Proteus Instruments MD

Hannah Gunter
PhD Associate

Giulia Basevi
Technical Support Engineer

WEBINAR - Wastewater Monitoring & Control :
The webinar demonstrated and discussed the vital role of sensors like Proteus in monitoring our wastewater.

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