The BEST got BETTER! 7 Reasons the PT900 improves on the PT878

RS Hydro have been selling, installing, using, and hiring Panametrics portable clamp-on flowmeters, such as the PT878, for 25 years and have a vast amount of experience in food, beverage, process and industrial. As the official sales channel for Panametrics in the Water and Wastewater sector, with the largest rental fleet in Europe, there is not much we dont know about portable flowmeters.

For many years the PT878 was, rightly so, the de facto standard for portable flow measurements, the PT900 builds on that with a powerful processor and simple interface, longer battery life, a quick clamp system and a large internal memory making it the ideal portable flow meter for a wide range of applications.

Whatever your experience with ultrasonic flow meters - novice to expert - our quick start guides, technical support and our wide range of accessories and ancillary equipment will have you up and running in minutes in any application

7 reasons to choose a PT900

Suitable for many types of survey including:

RS Hydro are now offering 10% off when you trade in a PT878.

Order now or get in touch for more information, we stock a wide range of accessories and ancillary equipment to be used with the PT900 to suit your application needs.
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