Choosing the Best Water Level Meter or Dip Meter

RS Hydro are the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Solinst, the leading supplier of groundwater and environmental monitoring solutions and instrumentation. Based in Canada, they design and manufacture all of their products in house and have a reputation that is second to none in the industry.

Our focus for this article is their water level and interface meters. Solinst are providers of cost effective, quality instrumentation and their water level meters are no exception. For extra peace of mind each meter is provided with a 3 year manufacture's warranty.

101 Water Level Meter
The Solinst 101 water level meter is ideal for total well depth measurement up to 1000ft. The 101 dip meter has a choice of probes. The P7 probe is pressurised and can measure total well depth. As the sensor is positioned at the tip of the probe no water is displaced when monitoring level making it more accurate than the P2 probe. Should the probe ever need to be replaced it can be simply replaced using the new plug and play style detachable sensor. This effectively means that the probe itself can be replaced quickly and easily.

The P2 probe is not suitable for submergence to any significant depth. Its simple design makes repair easy.

The 101 water level meter is available in lengths ranging from 15 m to 400 m.

Solinst dip meters can also be supplied with power reels. These allow field technicians to deploy long tape dip meters quickly and easily. The powered reels are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to operate with 110VAC power. They are also incredibly useful for operating pumps with long lengths of tubing.

102 Water Level Meter
The 102 dip meter provides basic level measurement. It is also suitable for level measurement in CMT multilevel tubing with its choice of probes to fit in either a 7 or 3 channel CMT installations. The markings on the tape are available in metric or imperial with tape lengths ranging from 30 m right through to 300 m.

The P1 probe is ideal for accessing narrow diameters, whilst the P2 is the heavier probe making it ideal for greater depths.

122 Interface Meter
The 122 interface meter can measure between conductive and non conductive liquids. The unit is commonly used for measuring an oil level that has settled on top of water. The beeper and light give a clear indication between the two products. The interface meter can also be used to measure the level between the oil and water. The 122 oil/water interface meter has laser marked tape and is available in lengths between 20 m to 300 m (65 ft. to 1000 ft.). The unit is also supplied with a complimentary carry case.

Something Smaller?
If you're looking for something smaller, Solinst make a mini 25m version of the 102 and 122 dip meters. These are ideal if you're looking for a meter to fit in your rucksack.

TLC Meter - Model 107
The TLC meter provides temperature, level and conductivity measurement in wells and open water. Conductivity measurements are available from 0-80,000 µS/cm and tape lengths are available up to 300 m (1000 ft). The temperature measurement range is between -15°C to +50°C with the reading being displayed in °C or °F.

Tag Line - Model 103
The Tag Line is specifically designed for use during the installation of monitoring wells. It uses a weight attached to a laser marked cable providing a simple method of measuring to the bottom of a well.
It is also suitable for use when installing CMT Multilevel Systems or as a multi-purpose marked support cable.

The Tag Line is available in lengths from 30 m to 300 m (100 ft. to 1000 ft.).
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