Siemens HydroRanger Plus with remote
Easily Customised To Meet Specific Application Needs
Enables measurement in a multitude of applications from flow rate in a narrow flume to volume in a ferric chloride storage bank
Optional Submergence Sheilds
Ensures consistent operation in wet wells where transducers are likely to be submerged ensuring accuracy
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The Siemens HydroRanger Plus is an ultrasonic level transmitter for control of wet wells and reservoir pump operations, differential control, and open channel flow monitoring, using energy-saving algorithms.

The HydroRanger Plus is effective in wet wells, weirs and flumes where foam and turbulence are typical operating conditions. It can be customized to meet your specific application needs from measuring flow rate in a narrow flume to volume in a ferric chloride storage bank.

The ultrasonic level transmitter consists of the electronics housed in a wall-mounted enclosure and a hermetically sealed, corrosion-resistant Echomax transducer. These components can be separated by up to 365 m (1200 ft).

Optional submergence shields ensure consistent operation in wet wells where the transducer may be submerged during flooding from rainfall or a power outage. Milltronics patented detection software can differentiate between a submerged condition and a high level.

  • Outputs for alarms, chart recorders, controllers and integration of existing systems
  • Monitors wetwells, weirs and flumes
  • Energy saving function with built-in real-time clock
  • Special control mode to reduce grease rings and other deposits
  • Integral temperature compensation
  • Pump performance monitoring
  • Energy management
  • System monitoring and network analysis
Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: Siemens HydroRanger Plus (Discontinued)

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  • Wet wells & Pump Control
  • Flumes and weirs
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