Suspended Solids Sensor from Thermo Scientific
TSS Measurement Range
Suspended solids measurement range from 0 to 20,000 mg/L (diatomaceous earth)
Suspended Solids Sensor Head
Sensor head is precalibrated for TSS and temperature
Universal DataStick
Provides conversion of sensor signals and interactive communication for measurement, calibration, configuration and diagnostics with industrial computer or an AV38 local display
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The Suspended Solids Sensor from Thermo Scientific has a rugged construction, fouling correction optics, exceptional chemical resistance, and is designed for use in the most demanding conditions. Versatile mounting options include a hand rail mounting assembly, 1inch Immersion mounting with a junction box, a ball float assembly, 1.5 inch ball valve and 1.5 inch union mounting.

The Total Suspended Solids (TSS) DataStick System provides a modular, "plug-and-play" solution to water quality monitoring programmes. A wide range of sensor heads and connection adapters are available for the DataStick and all can be exchanged while the system is live, saving both time and money. Connection adapter options include Modbus? RTU, DeviceNet, Profibus, CANopen and USB. The unit can be connected to a computer or to the AquaSensors AV38 local display, providing interactive measurement, calibration, configuration and diagnostics. An integral temperature sensor measures temperature independently.

The Total Suspended Solids (TSS) DataStick has been successfully used in municipal and industrial waste water situations, the dairy and chemical process industries and even in such difficult areas as the pulp and paper and mining industries.

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Manufactured by: Thermo Scientific
Model: Suspended Solids Sensor from Thermo Scientific

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  • Municipal/industrial wastewater
  • - Primary & secondary clarifiers
  • - Return activated sludge
  • - Wastewater activated sludge
  • - Mixed liquor
  • - Aeration basins
  • - Final effluent
  • Municipal water
  • Pulp and paper
  • Dairy industry
  • Mining industry
  • Chemical process
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