Vaisala WXT520 Automatic Weather Station
Compact multi-parameter Weather Station
Windspeed/Direction/Temperature/Relative Humidity/Barometric Pressure/Rainfall/Rainfall Intensity
Low Power Consumption
Telemetry Ready
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The new Vaisala WXT-520 automatic weather station contains all of the standard parameters of a weather station packed into a single, compact case. Parameters include air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction (using a top quality sensor), plus a revolutionary electronic precipitation gauge that can not only detect rain, but also its intensity - and even hail! With the parameter range and accuracy of this unit we believe it can't be bettered for the price.

The WXT-520 is an extremely flexible product. Many of the sensors parameters, like sampling slot time and sampling interval, can easily be programmed to adapt the sensors performance to a large variety of different applications. With it's extremely compact design it's very easy to install , and no moving parts makes it extremely easy to maintain.

Its low power consumption makes it a good match for an Adcon RTU, to which it is connected either directly (Series 4 RTUs: A723, A753, A755) or via the A506 SDI-12 interface (Series 3 RTUs: A723, A733).

Manufactured by: Vaisala
Model: Vaisala WXT-520 Automatic Weather Station

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