Vaisala WXT530 Weather Transmitter
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The Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 is a unique series of sensors with parameter combinations allowing the user to choose what is right for there application. The WXT530 series is easy to use and integrate to suit various weather types.

The WXT530 weather series provides six of the most important weather parameters through various combinations. These are air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction. The user is able to select the transmitter with the required parameter(s), with a large variety of digital communication modes and wide range of voltages. The Vaisala WXT350 series focuses on maintenance free operations in a cost effective manner.

The WXT350 series offers an analog input option for additional third party analog sensors. Due to the built in digital converters, the weather transmitters can be transformed into a small, cost effective weather parameter hub. Additional parameters include the solar radiation and external temperature sensor.

WXT530 Series Versions

  • WXT531 measures: Rainfall
  • WXT532 measures: Wind Speed, Wind Direction
  • WXT533 measures: Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction
  • WXT534 measures: Air Pressure, Temperature, Humidity
  • WXT535 measures: Air Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall
  • WXT536 measures: Air Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction

Manufactured by: Vaisala
Model: Vaisala WXT-530 Weather Transmitter Series

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