Vaisala WXT520 Heated Combi Sensor
Compact Weather Station
Barometric Pressure/Rainfall/Temperature/Windspeed/Wind Direction/Relative Humidity
Heated Option for freezing environments
SDI-12 Output
Telemetry Ready. Connects to Adcon Telemetry Systems
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The Vaisala WXT520 automatic weather station is an extremely versatile product. It provides standard temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensors, combined with top quality ultra sonic wind speed and direction measurement and a revolutionary new sound-based precipitation gauge.

Most of the sensors for the WXT520 weather station can be easily programmed to adapt the sensors performance in different applications. It can be easily installed and maintained. It has no moving parts and a low power consumption.

It is available with or without heating.

Manufactured by: Vaisala
Model: Vaisala WXT-520 Heated Combi Sensor

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  • Environmental monitoring station
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