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Battery Powered MAG 8000W Water Flow Meter
Battery Powered - Up to 10 years battery life
Accuracy of down to 0.2% of rate
Choice of Transmitter Mounting
Choice of compact or remote mount transmitter with factory mounted cable
Easy to Install
The simple sensor needs to be be bolted into place before operation
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MCERTS Certified
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The Siemens MAG 8000W flow meter is an affordable battery powered water meter, providing the flexibility to install a reliable water meter virtually anywhere. No mains power is required as the MAG 8000 can use an internal or external battery pack, which allows operation in stand-alone applications for up to 10 years.

MAG 8000W water meter complies with the OIML R49 and European CEN EN 14154 water meter standard and is specially engineered for stand-alone water applications.

MAG 8000W battery powered flow meter boasts 6 - 10 years maintenance-free battery-powered operation, and delivers best-in-class performance to optimize water supply. It is optimized for leakage detection and is often used for accurate billing. The integrated datalogger can be twinned with the use of a selectable alarm to signal too-high or too-low flow.

Installation is easy - there is a simple sensor that needs to be bolted in place before operation. There is no need for mains power and the flowmeter comes complete with a compact or remote transmitter with factory mounted cable . The MAG 8000W flow meter is built to withstand environmental influence and as the enclosure isIP 68/ NEMA 6P, it is robust and can be buried and flooded without damage to the flow meter. It also has a special coating to protect against abrasive media. It has no moving parts to wear or clog, so the MAG 8000 is resistant to solids and debris in the fluid. There will be no need for regular maintenance.

  • High accuracy down to 0.2% of rate
  • Bi-directional measurement
  • Repeatability of 0.1%
  • Long lasting performance
  • 6 - 10 years operation in typical revenue applications
  • No moving parts that wear and tear
  • Coned flow tube design for optimal low flow detection
  • Robust construction built to resist environmental influence
  • Intelligent information
  • Integrated data logger for consumption profile and operation
  • Battery power management with customer selectable alarm level
  • Advanced features like leakage detection and flow statistics
  • Advanced operation test and diagnostics information
  • Graphic display and key provides simple access to data on site.


The Siemens Battery Powered MAG 8000W is now MCERTS certified meeting the Environment Agency's performance requirements. View downloads for certificate.

Manufactured by: Siemens-Milltronics
Model: Battery Powered MAG 8000W Water Flow Meter

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  • Abstraction - Monitor water collection and avoid draining
  • Distribution network - Optimize water supply and reduce leakage
  • Flexible power supply makes it useful for leak detection
  • Revenue metering - Provide correct billing and monitoring of consumption
  • Irrigation - Ensure long-term performance for optimal ownership

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