Saving the Scarce Yellow Sally Stonefly: A Tale of Innovation and Conservation

Close up of the Yellow Sally Stonefly


In the realm of environmental conservation, every detail matters, especially when it comes to preserving critically endangered species like the scarce yellow sally stonefly (Isogenus nubecula). Amidst the challenges of monitoring and protecting these delicate creatures, innovative solutions often emerge.



Equipment Used

Valeport BFM001 open channel flow meter.


I needed a solid and well-built devise to measure the velocity of the river Dee- specifically in the part the Rare Yellow Sally stonefly inhabits, after searching the internet, I saw that this is something that RS Hydro could offer, so picked up the phone to discuss my needs, and was pleased to hear that the most suitable product for this application was even available for me to rent!
John Davy-Bowker - Freelance Freshwater Biologist

John Davy-Bowker found himself facing a dilemma with his current open channel flow meter, realising its inadequacy in coping with the swift currents of the River Dee. Aware of the importance of accurate flow monitoring for conservation efforts, he sought a more reliable solution and found the Valeport BFM001 on our website. Recognising its suitability for the task at hand, he knew this was the answer to his needs.

The River Dee harbour’s not only swift currents but also a precious population of the scarce yellow sally stonefly. Rediscovered in the UK in 2017 after a 22-year absence, this species holds international significance due to its rarity. To prevent its extinction, a captive breeding program has been initiated, necessitating meticulous monitoring of the river's flow dynamics.

The river Dee is large and particularly hard to obtain samples from, especially in early spring when flows are typically high. Unfortunately, this is also the best time to collect the yellow Sally stonefly because they are large at this time of year, and therefore easier to find and identify. This makes obtaining samples of water and capturing the stonefly very difficult and at some points dangerous. Yet, with the ruggedness and reliability of the Valeport BFM001, these challenges become more manageable.

The key features of the Valeport BFM001 make it an invaluable tool for conservationists and biologists alike. Its rugged construction and impeller hub design, engineered to prevent silt and weed ingress into the bearings, ensure consistent performance even in the harshest environments. With a flow range of 0-10m/sec, it provides cost-effective and reliable flow monitoring, crucial for planning expeditions and safeguarding the well-being of field researchers.

In the quest to save the scarce yellow sally stonefly and other endangered species, every innovation counts. Through the adoption of cutting-edge technology like the Valeport BFM001, conservation efforts gain a vital edge, enabling scientists to navigate the challenges of nature with greater precision and confidence. As we continue to push the boundaries of conservation science, stories like John's serve as reminders of the ingenuity and dedication driving us towards a more sustainable future.

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